Get started with Externalizer4J: optimize serialization quickly, automatically. Just two steps:

  1. create an ‘’ config file
  2. choose you build tool integration

Create a configuration file

Externalizer4J requires a single configuration file called

  1. Download the ready made file by clicking on the button below.
  2. Save it in the resources directory of you project
  3. Edit the and set the acceptEULA=true
Download the minimal file
Click to download the minimal file to get started

Choose one of the build tools

Externalizer4J has integration for Apache Ant, Apache Maven and IntelliJ IDEA. Click on one of the buttons below to continue.

Maven users can use the plugin to integrate the class optimization into any build Intellij users can use the Externalizer4J plugin to optimize class serialization Ant users can use custom task to integrate class optimization for any build




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