Features and benefits

Below you’ll find an overview of the different features and benefits Externalizer4J brings to your application development workflow.

The optimization process fits seemlessly in your current application development workflow. No process change and benefits of an optimized Externalizable implementation.Fast analysis and optimization
Simple integration in any ant or maven build or straight from the IDE, Externalizer4J fits any buildEasy of integration
Support for your cutting edge projects as well as longer running products with one tool.Support for Java 1.4 till Java 8
Avoid the performance cost of standard Serializable approach. leverage the automatic generation of the writeExternal() and readExternal() methods of the Externlizable interface for your application performanceFast serialization of your classes
You save time otherwise spend coding serialization logic. The generated code will use the most efficient calls of the serialization API for your benefit.Highly optimized serialization logic
The Externalizable logic avoids the metadata overhead of the standard Serializable logic.
The custom serialization will use very efficient encoding the minimize serialized data size even further
Minimized size of the serialized data
Avoid common errors found in hand coded implementations of writeObject(), readObject(), writeExternal() or readExternal() methodsStatic code analysis of existing serialization code
No waste of time, optimize your classes right away. Existing class can be optimized without annotating the code, additional metadata or the need to implement special API’sNo code changes required
- No additional libraries: no changes to you product or build
- No need to use alternative implementations of the Serialization API
No dependencies
- The optimization will work with any servlet and application container
- Standalone applications will benefit from the optimization serialization as well
- Works with javac and eclipse compiler
100% JDK compliant
- Apache Ant task
- Apache Maven plugin
- IntelliJ​ plugin
Easy integration in any build

Implementing Externalizable..

Don’t implement java.io.Externalizable by hand anymore! Discover the benefits and features of Externalizer4J’s optimizations.

Fast and efficient serialization means better performing applications. Until now the effort required to implement and maintain the serialization code was not economically sound. Therefore the standard JDK serialization is considered good enough. Externalizer4J fully automates the creation of efficient serialization code for any Java application. Externalizer4J analyses and optimizes your Java classes. The result is the most efficient implementation of the java.io.Externalizable interface for each class.

Using Externalizable instead of Serializable

  • speeds up serialization: use less CPU cycles to serialize and deserialize objects to bytes
  • decreases the amount of data: less bytes are used to represent the states of objects by removing any unneeded data

Writing serialization and deserialization code is tedious and error prone. Changes to the fields of a class for instance means updating all the serialization coding. Don’t spend time on such tasks while it can be spent on adding features to the product. Let Externalizer4J generate the most efficient implementation of writeExternal and readExternal automatically for you classes.


Externalizer4J takes your classes and generated optimizes serialization methods for each class. No source code needed. Your classes change? Fields get added or removed. You don’t have time to rework your serialization. You even may forget and end up with some bugs as a result. You time can be better spent.

Integrate Externalizer4J in your existing builds and let it optimize the serialization of your classes with every compilation. Externalizer4J foresees easy integration in any build system or IDE. Click on one of the links below do discover how you can integrate Externalizer4J in your builds in no time:


Externalizer4J has integration for Maven, Ant and IntelliJ

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