Externalizer4j IntelliJ plugin

Externalizer4j IntelliJ plugin

Externalizer4j offerts first class integration with JetBrain’s excellent IntelliJ IDEA has been a priority from the start. This page describes Externalizer4J’s IntelliJ plugin which make the optimization of the serialization an integral part of the compilation. With the help of Jetbrain’s support team Externalizer4J optmization is fully intregration into the IDEA compilation. The Externalizer4J plugin works for both the free Community Edition as well as the Ultimate Edition.

Externalizer4H supports other build systems for more information please take a look at:


JetBrains plugin repository

The Externalizer4J plugin can downloaded from the JetBrains repository or directly from within IntelliJ IDEA. Go to Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories -> Tool Integration -> Externalizer4J plugin

Installed plugin

The externalizer4j plugin is listed in the Settings of your IntelliJ after the installation.

Activate the plugin

We decided not to activate the plugin by default! So even if the plugin is listed, as shown above, it will not optimize your classes just yet. To activate the plugin you simply:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Depending on the version of IntelliJ
    1. version 14.x: Other Settings -> Externalizer4j settings
    2. version <14.x: Externalizer4j settings
  3. Check the “Externalizer plugin active” box
  4. Close the dialog

IMPORTANT: no additional information is needed to activate the plugin. The other fields can be left empty if you have no license!

No license is need to enable the Externalizer4j Intellij plugin to automatically optimize the class serialization at compile time.

Create a externalizer4j.properties file

Create a file called externalizer4j.properties file in the resource directory of your project. Put at least the line containing “acceptEULA=true” in the property file as described in the configuration reference guide.


The plugin in action

The Externalizer4j IntelliJ plugin is what JetBrains calls a compiler plugin. This means that Externalizer4J’s optimization is executed automatically whenever your classes get compiled. Don’t forget to create the externalizer4j.properties as described above.

The output of

The output produced by Externalizer4j’s IntelliJ plugin during compilation.


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