Automatically implementing Externalizable

Still implementing Externalizable by hand? Yes, fast serialization means better performing applications.  Did you know that Externalizer4J optimizes your applications by generating the most efficient serialization calls?

Using Externalizable for performance

Until now the effort required to implement and maintain the serialization code was not economically sound. Therefore the standard JDK serialization is considered good enough. Externalizer4J fully automates the creation of efficient serialization code for any Java application. Externalizer4J analyses and optimizes your Java classes. The result is the most efficient implementation of the interface for each class.

Writing serialization anddeserialization code is tedious and error prone. Changes to the fields of a class for instance means updating all the serialization coding. Don’t spend time on such tasks while you spend it on adding features to your products. Let Externalizer4J generate the most efficient implementation of writeExternal and readExternal thereby automatically implementing Externalizable for you classes.

2 mins to get started

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What are realistic size benefits

We illustrate the reduction in size with a simple example


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