Credits for the software and/or libraries used by Externalizer4J

One should give to caesar what is caesar’s. Externalizer4J relies on a number of Open source libraries that may or may be bundled with Externalizer4J.

We wish to give credit to these different libraries and projects by listing them on this page:

  • ASM: ASM is an all purpose Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework. It can be used to modify existing classes or dynamically generate classes, directly in binary form. See
  • JUnit: JUnit is a simple framework to write repeatable tests see
  • Xstream:XStream is a simple library to serialize objects to XML and back again. See 
  • JDOM2: Java-based solution for accessing, manipulating, and outputting XML data from Java code. See

Supporting open source projects

We provide free licenses for open source projects for  individual contributors as well as the project’s centralized build infrastructure. Have the project lead for the project provide project information (URL home page, list of contributors) through our contact page.

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