Optimizing code for developers

Developers are the heroes of the information age. They build great applications with elegant designs and by writing clean code. With Externalizer4J we strive to make the tool that works for developers. A fast and reliable tool that does not get in the way. Optimizing the serialization of the data giving the developers the satisfaction of knowing their application or library will be as efficient as possible. Try it yourself and get started in less than 2 minutes.


Who we are

There is something about optimized code we like here at Biggerbytes. More than 15 years experience in IT and we still love looking at great code. But as we all know writing great code is not always easy. They are those great algorithmic and design challenges of course. Then there are those annoying repetitive tasks that make us wonder “why do we still have to do this?”.

One day we realized that writing serialization logic in Java is such a boring task. Yes, there is the satisfaction of knowing that the serialization will be efficient. But we got bigger, more important, things to do. That’s when the idea for a tool that analyses existing classes and generates the optimized code came up. Long coding hours and many unit tests later the result was Externalizer4J.

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