Externalizer4J build integration

Great build integration is important for a optimization tool like Externalizer4j. This page describes the Externalizer4J build tools for Ant – Maven – Intellij IDEA. These tools make integrating Externalizer4J into existing builds simple. We provide packages to meet your build setup. Make the optimization of your Java serialization an integral part of your builds.

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500px-Maven_logo.svgExternalizer4J provides it own Apache An tasks to integrate in existing builds with ease.IntelliJ plugin for Externalizer4J

Integrating  into existing ant or maven

Externalizer4J for central builds. Making the conversion of Serializable classes into Externalizable class part of any Continuous Integration build is straightforward. We provide support for several build tool with this one product:



Apache Maven plugin for Externalizer4J

Integrating Externalizer4J into IDE

Externalizer4j for IntelliJ. Full integration with JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA. The compiler plugin optimizes your class seamlessly. No additional steps required. Simply install the plugin into your local installation, activate it and you are set.

IntelliJ plugin for Externalizer4J

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